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About us...


A message from the owner and Head Researcher…

“Welcome to my Research Group’s webpage apt2!”

Dr. Foteini Paraskeva

“With a wide range, of applied learning expertise, I use theoretical and empirical research methods to better understand learning in ICT contexts and to further students, practitioners, professionals and policy makers with this knowledge so as to better address the process of learning.

The  apt2 contains two main pillars, Teaching & Technology, applied in Learning Psychology. Work from both of these research themes aims to increase understanding of learning processes and promote the development of relevant skills and competencies in this interdisciplinary area.

In these pages, you will learn more about our academic work and the way to meet the current and future demands of the learning process as the vehicle to improve and prove abilities, skills, capabilities and competencies.

To this end, we conduct research in the field of ICT in education, e- Learning, as well as e-Learning related settings to optimize leaning and performance, with particular emphasis on social, emotional and cognitive aspects of human learning.

Within this Research Group, developing ‘teaching methodologies in academic and training context’ is of central concern with practical implications to technology-oriented human life (e.g. authentic learning environments, scenario-based learning, teaching methodologies & strategies, digital tools, educational games, authentic assessment e.tc).

Having extensive experience in educational settings, the Researchers in apt2 are currently studying learning, teaching and training by involving specific applied research designs of the use of I.C.T. in rich training and work environments based on quantitative and qualitative methodologies in various learning and educational contexts – including professional development in I.T. context.

If you’d like to learn more about our work on apt2, please contact Dr. F. Paraskeva at fparaske@unipi.gr